Amazon SageMaker Studio

The steps below assume that you have an AWS account and access to Amazon SageMaker Studio. The entire one-time setup process may take up to 15 minutes.

Pre-requisites: Launch Amazon SageMaker Studio Environment.

  • Log into your Amazon SageMaker Studio Environment and Add user

  • Choose desired user profile name

  • Choose Jupyter Lab version 3.0

  • Choose the remaining default setting and click Submit to Add user.

  • Click “Open Studio” to Launch the Amazon SageMaker Studio environment.


The Amazon SageMaker free tier usage per month for the first 2 months is 250 hours of ml.t3.medium instance on Studio notebook. In this example, we are using an ml.t3.medium instance.

  • Allow a couple of minutes for your environment to spin up. You should see the following loading screen:

  • Then, Choose Data Science 3.0 in “select a SageMaker image” drop-down under Notebooks and compute resources

  • Then, Click on **+** on Image Terminal to open a terminal session:

Anomalib Setup.

  • Inside the terminal, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Install few system dependencies

apt update
apt install build-essential -y
apt install libpython3.9-dev -y
apt install libgl1-mesa-glx -y

Step 2: Setup OpenVINO conda environment.

conda create --name anomalib_env python=3.9
conda activate anomalib_env
set PATH="/anaconda/envs/anomalib_env/bin;%PATH%"

Step 3: Setup Anomalib

git clone
cd anomalib
# Install OpenVINO and OpenVINO notebook Requirements
python -m pip install --upgrade pip
pip install .[full]