Alternatively, skip steps 1-3 if you prefer to manually install Python 3 and Git.

1. Install Xcode Command Line Tools

xcode-select --install

2. Install Homebrew

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

After you install it, follow the instructions from the Homebrew installation to set it up.

3. Install Python and dependencies

brew install python@3.9
brew install protobuf

Run each step below in a terminal. Note: If OpenVINO is installed globally, please do not run any of these commands in a terminal where is sourced.

4. Create a Virtual Environment

Note: If you already installed openvino-dev and activated the anomalib_env environment, you can skip to Step 6. If you use Anaconda, please see the Conda installation instructions.

python3 -m venv anomalib_env

5. Activate the Environment

source anomalib_env/bin/activate

6. Clone the Repository

git clone
cd anomalib

7. Install the Packages

This step installs OpenVINO and dependencies like Jupyter Lab. First, upgrade pip to the latest version. Then, install the required dependencies.

python -m pip install --upgrade pip wheel setuptools
pip install .[full]


  • If you use Anaconda or Miniconda, see the [[Conda]] wiki page.