Source code for datumaro.plugins.data_formats.mots

# Copyright (C) 2020-2023 Intel Corporation
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

# Implements MOTS format

import logging as log
import os
import os.path as osp
from enum import Enum
from glob import iglob
from typing import List, Optional

import numpy as np

from datumaro.components.annotation import AnnotationType, LabelCategories, Mask
from datumaro.components.dataset_base import DatasetItem, SubsetBase
from datumaro.components.errors import MediaTypeError
from datumaro.components.exporter import Exporter
from datumaro.components.importer import ImportContext, Importer
from import Image
from datumaro.util.image import find_images, load_image, save_image
from datumaro.util.mask_tools import merge_masks
from datumaro.util.meta_file_util import has_meta_file, parse_meta_file

[docs] class MotsPath: MASKS_DIR = "instances" IMAGE_DIR = "images" IMAGE_EXT = ".jpg" LABELS_FILE = "labels.txt" MAX_INSTANCES = 1000
[docs] class MotsLabels(Enum): background = 0 car = 1 pedestrian = 2 ignored = 10
[docs] class MotsPngExtractor(SubsetBase):
[docs] @staticmethod def detect_dataset(path): if osp.isdir(osp.join(path, MotsPath.MASKS_DIR)): return [{"url": path, "format": MotsPngExtractor.NAME}] return []
def __init__( self, path: str, *, subset: Optional[str] = None, ctx: Optional[ImportContext] = None, ): assert osp.isdir(path), path super().__init__(subset=subset, ctx=ctx) self._images_dir = osp.join(path, "images") self._anno_dir = osp.join(path, MotsPath.MASKS_DIR) if has_meta_file(path): self._categories = { AnnotationType.label: LabelCategories.from_iterable(parse_meta_file(path).keys()) } else: self._categories = self._parse_categories( osp.join(self._anno_dir, MotsPath.LABELS_FILE) ) self._items = self._parse_items() def _parse_categories(self, path): if osp.isfile(path): labels = [] with open(path, encoding="utf-8") as f: for label in f: label = label.strip() if label: labels.append(label) else: labels = [ for l in MotsLabels] return {AnnotationType.label: LabelCategories.from_iterable(labels)} def _parse_items(self): items = [] image_dir = self._images_dir if osp.isdir(image_dir): images = { osp.splitext(osp.relpath(p, image_dir))[0]: p for p in find_images(image_dir, recursive=True) } else: images = {} for p in sorted(iglob(self._anno_dir + "/**/*.png", recursive=True)): item_id = osp.splitext(osp.relpath(p, self._anno_dir))[0] image = images.get(item_id) if image: image = Image.from_file(path=image) items.append( DatasetItem( id=item_id, subset=self._subset, media=image, annotations=self._parse_annotations(p), ) ) return items @staticmethod def _lazy_extract_mask(mask, v): return lambda: mask == v def _parse_annotations(self, path): combined_mask = load_image(path, dtype=np.uint16) masks = [] for obj_id in np.unique(combined_mask): class_id, instance_id = divmod(obj_id, MotsPath.MAX_INSTANCES) z_order = 0 if class_id == 0: continue # background if class_id == 10 and len(self._categories[AnnotationType.label]) < 10: z_order = 1 class_id = self._categories[AnnotationType.label].find([0] else: class_id -= 1 masks.append( Mask( self._lazy_extract_mask(combined_mask, obj_id), label=class_id, z_order=z_order, attributes={"track_id": instance_id}, ) ) return masks
[docs] class MotsImporter(Importer):
[docs] @classmethod def find_sources(cls, path): if not osp.isdir(path): return [] subsets = MotsPngExtractor.detect_dataset(path) if not subsets: for p in os.listdir(path): detected = MotsPngExtractor.detect_dataset(osp.join(path, p)) for s in detected: s.setdefault("options", {})["subset"] = p subsets.extend(detected) return subsets
[docs] @classmethod def get_file_extensions(cls) -> List[str]: return [".png", ".txt"]
[docs] class MotsPngExporter(Exporter): DEFAULT_IMAGE_EXT = MotsPath.IMAGE_EXT def _apply_impl(self): if self._extractor.media_type() and not issubclass(self._extractor.media_type(), Image): raise MediaTypeError("Media type is not an image") os.makedirs(self._save_dir, exist_ok=True) if self._save_dataset_meta: self._save_meta_file(self._save_dir) for subset_name, subset in self._extractor.subsets().items(): subset_dir = osp.join(self._save_dir, subset_name) image_dir = osp.join(subset_dir, MotsPath.IMAGE_DIR) anno_dir = osp.join(subset_dir, MotsPath.MASKS_DIR) os.makedirs(anno_dir, exist_ok=True) for item in subset: log.debug("Converting item '%s'", if self._save_media: if and self._save_image(item, subdir=image_dir) else: log.debug("Item '%s' has no image", self._save_annotations(item, anno_dir) with open(osp.join(anno_dir, MotsPath.LABELS_FILE), "w", encoding="utf-8") as f: f.write("\n".join( for l in subset.categories()[AnnotationType.label].items)) def _save_annotations(self, item, anno_dir): masks = [a for a in item.annotations if a.type == AnnotationType.mask] if not masks: return instance_ids = [int(a.attributes["track_id"]) for a in masks] masks = sorted(zip(masks, instance_ids), key=lambda e: e[0].z_order) mask = merge_masks( (m.image, MotsPath.MAX_INSTANCES * (1 + m.label) + id) for m, id in masks ) save_image(osp.join(anno_dir, + ".png"), mask, create_dir=True, dtype=np.uint16)