Fast Data Loading#

OpenVINO™ Training Extensions provides several ways to boost model training speed, one of which is fast data loading.


In-Memory Caching#

OpenVINO™ Training Extensions provides in-memory caching for decoded images in main memory. If the batch size is large, such as for classification tasks, or if dataset contains high-resolution images, image decoding can account for a non-negligible overhead in data pre-processing. One can enable in-memory caching for maximizing GPU utilization and reducing model training time in those cases.

from import DataModuleConfig
from import OTXDataModule

data_config = DataModuleConfig(..., mem_cache_size="8GB")
datamodule = OTXDataModule(..., config=data_config)
(otx) ...$ otx train ... --data.config.mem_cache_size 8GB