Export Datasets#

This command exports a project or a source as a dataset in some format.

Check supported formats for more info about format specifications, supported options and other details. The list of formats can be extended by custom plugins, check extending tips for information on this topic.

Available formats are listed in the command help output.

Dataset format writers support additional export options. To pass such options, use the -- separator after the main command arguments. The usage information can be printed with datum import -f <format> -- --help.

Common export options:

  • Most formats (where applicable) support the --save-images option, which allows to export dataset images along with annotations. The option is disabled be default.

  • If --save-images is used, the image-ext option can be passed to specify the output image file extension (.jpg, .png etc.). By default, tries to Datumaro keep the original image extension. This option allows to convert all the images from one format into another.

This command allows to use the -f/--filter parameter to select dataset elements needed for exporting. Read the filter command description for more info about this functionality.

The command can only be applied to a project build target, a stage or the combined project target, in which case all the targets will be affected.


datum project export [-h] [-e FILTER] [--filter-mode FILTER_MODE] [-o DST_DIR]
  [--overwrite] [-p PROJECT_DIR] -f FORMAT [target] [-- EXTRA_FORMAT_ARGS]


  • <target> (string) - A project build target to be exported. By default, all project targets are affected.

  • -f, --format (string) - Output format.

  • -e, --filter (string) - XML XPath filter expression for dataset items

  • --filter-mode (string) - The filtering mode. Default is the i mode.

  • -o, --output-dir (string) - Output directory. By default, a subdirectory in the current directory is used.

  • --overwrite - Allows overwriting existing files in the output directory, when it is not empty.

  • -p, --project (string) - Directory of the project to operate on (default: current directory).

  • -h, --help - Print the help message and exit.

  • -- <extra format args> - Additional arguments for the format writer (use -- -h for help). Must be specified after the main command arguments.

Example: save a project as a VOC-like dataset, include images, convert images to PNG from other formats.

datum project export \
  -p test_project \
  -o test_project-export \
  -f voc \
  -- --save-images --image-ext='.png'