Project (context)#

Migrate project#

Updates the project from an old version to the current one and saves the resulting project in the output directory. Projects cannot be updated inplace.

The command tries to map the old source configuration to the new one. This can fail in some cases, so the command will exit with an error, unless -f/--force is specified. With this flag, the command will skip these errors an continue its work.


datum project migrate [-h] -o DST_DIR [-f] [-p PROJECT_DIR] [--overwrite]


  • -o, --output-dir (string) - Output directory for the updated project

  • -f, --force - Ignore source import errors (default: False)

  • --overwrite - Overwrite existing files in the save directory.

  • -p, --project (string) - Directory of the project to operate on (default: current directory).

  • -h, --help - Print the help message and exit.


  • Migrate a project from v1 to v2, save the new project in other dir: datum project migrate -o <output/dir>