Format specification#

Market-1501 is a dataset for person re-identification task, link for downloading this dataset is available here.

Supported items attributes:

  • person_id (str): four-digit number that represent ID of pedestrian;

  • camera_id (int): one-digit number that represent ID of camera that took the image (original dataset has totally 6 cameras);

  • track_id (int): one-digit number that represent ID of the track with the particular pedestrian, this attribute matches with sequence_id in the original dataset;

  • frame_id (int): six-digit number, that mean number of frame within this track. For the tracks, their names are accumulated for each ID, but for frames, they start from “0001” in each track;

  • bbox_id (int): two-digit number, that mean number of bounding bbox that was selected for that image (see the original docs for more info).

These item attributes decodes into the image name with such convention:

  • first four digits indicate the person_id;

  • digit after c indicates the camera_id;

  • digit after s indicate the track_id;

  • six digits after s1_ indicate the frame_id;

  • the last two digits before .jpg indicate the bbox_id.

Import Market-1501 dataset#

Importing of Market-1501 dataset into the Datumaro project:

datum project create
datum project import -f market1501 <path_to_market1501>

See more information about adding datasets to the project in the docs.

Or you can import Market-1501 using Python API:

import datumaro as dm
dataset = dm.Dataset.import_from('<path_to_dataset>', 'market1501')

For successful importing the Market-1501 dataset, the directory with it should has the following structure:

├── query # optional directory with query image
│   ├── 0001_c1s1_001051_00.jpg
│   ├── 0002_c1s1_001051_00.jpg
│   ├── ...
├── bounding_box_<subset_name1>
│   ├── 0003_c1s1_001051_00.jpg
│   ├── 0003_c2s1_001054_01.jpg
│   ├── 0004_c1s1_001051_00.jpg
│   ├── ...
├── bounding_box_<subset_name2>
│   ├── 0005_c1s1_001051_00.jpg
│   ├── 0006_c1s1_001051_00.jpg
│   ├── ...
├── ...

Export dataset to the Market-1501 format#

With Datumaro you can export dataset, that has person_id item attribute, to the Market-1501 format, example:

# Converting MARS dataset into the Market-1501
datum convert -if mars -i ./mars_dataset \
    -f market1501 -o ./output_dir
# Export dataaset to the Market-1501 format through the Datumaro project:
datum project create
datum project add -f mars ../mars
datum project export -f market1501 -o ./output_dir -- --save-media --image-ext png

Note: if your dataset contains only person_id attributes Datumaro will assign default values for other attributes (camera_id, track_id, bbox_id) and increment frame_id for collisions.

Available extra export options for Market-1501 dataset format:

  • --save-media allow to export dataset with saving media files (by default False)

  • --image-ext IMAGE_EXT allow to specify image extension for exporting dataset (by default - keep original)