Generate Datasets#

Creates a synthetic dataset with elements of the specified type and shape, and saves it in the provided directory.

Currently, can only generate fractal images, useful for network compression. To create 3-channel images, you should provide the number of images, height and width. The images are colorized with a model, which will be downloaded automatically. Uses the algorithm from the article.


datum generate [-h] -o OUTPUT_DIR -k COUNT --shape SHAPE [SHAPE ...]
               [-t {image}] [--overwrite] [--model-dir MODEL_PATH]


  • -o, --output-dir (string) - Output directory

  • -k, --count (integer) - Number of images to be generated

  • --shape (integer, repeatable) - Dimensions of data to be generated (H, W)

  • -t, --type (one of: image) - Specify the type of data to generate (default: image)

  • --model-dir (path) - Path to load the colorization model from. If no model is found, the model will be downloaded (default: current dir)

  • --overwrite - Allows overwriting existing files in the output directory, when it is not empty.

  • -h, --help - Print the help message and exit.


  • Generate 300 3-channel fractal images with H=224, W=256 and store in the images/ dir

    datum generate -o images/ --count 300 --shape 224 256