NYU Depth Dataset V2#

Format specification#

The original NYU Depth Dataset V2 is available here.

Supported annotation types:

  • DepthAnnotation

Import NYU Depth Dataset V2#

The NYU Depth Dataset V2 is available for free download.

A Datumaro project with a NYU Depth Dataset V2 source can be created in the following way:

datum project create
datum project import --format nyu_depth_v2 <path/to/dataset>

It is also possible to import the dataset using Python API:

import datumaro as dm

dataset = dm.Dataset.import_from('<path/to/dataset>', 'nyu_depth_v2')

NYU Depth Dataset V2 directory should have the following structure:

    ├── 1.h5
    ├── 2.h5
    ├── 3.h5
    └── ...

To make sure that the selected dataset has been added to the project, you can run datum project info, which will display the project information.


Examples of using this format from the code can be found in the format tests