Release Notes#

v1.5.0 (2023.09)#

New features#

  • Add tabular data import/export

  • Support video annotation import/export

  • Add multiframework (PyTorch, Tensorflow) converter

  • Add SAM OVMS and Triton server Docker image builders

  • Add SAMBboxToInstanceMask transform

  • Add ConfigurableValidator


  • Enhance ClassificationValidator for multi-label classification datasets with label_groups

  • Replace Roboflow xml.etree with defusedxml

  • Define GroupType with IntEnum for, where 0 is EXCLUSIVE

  • Add Rust API to optimize COCOPageMapper performance

  • Support a dictionary input in addition to a single image input for the model launcher to support Segment Anything Model

  • Remove deprecates announced to be removed in 1.5.0

  • Add multi-threading option to ModelTransform and SAMBboxToInstanceMask

Bug fixes#

  • Fix bugs for Tile transform

  • Disable Roboflow Tfrecord format when Tensorflow is not installed

  • Raise VcsAlreadyExists error if vcs directory exists

v1.4.1 (2023.07)#

Bug fixes#

  • Report errors for COCO (stream) and Datumaro importers

v1.4.0 (2023.07)#

New features#

  • Add documentation and notebook example for Prune API

  • Changed supported Python version range (>=3.8, <=3.11)

  • Migrate OpenVINO v2023.0.0

  • Add Roboflow data format support (COCO JSON, Pascal VOC XML, YOLOv5-PyTorch, YOLOv7-PyTorch, YOLOv8, YOLOv5 Oriented Bounding Boxes, Multiclass CSV, TFRecord, CreateML JSON)

  • Add MissingAnnotationDetection transform

  • Add OVMSLauncher

  • Add Prune API

  • Add TritonLauncher

  • Migrate DVC v3.0.0

  • Stream dataset import/export

  • Support mask annotations for CVAT data format


  • Support list query for explorer

  • update

  • Update 3rd-party.txt for release 1.4.0

  • Give notice that the deprecation works will be done in datumaro==1.5.0

  • Unify COCO, Datumaro, VOC, YOLO importer/exporter progress reporter descriptions

  • Enhance import performance for built-in plugins

  • Change default dtype of load_image() to np.uint8

  • Add OTX ATSS detector model interpreter & refactor interfaces

  • Refactor Launcher and ModelInterpreter

  • Add CVAT data format document

  • Reduce peak memory usage when importing COCO and Datumaro formats

  • Enhance the error message for datum stats to be more user friendly

  • Refactor to seperate DatasetStorage

Bug fixes#

  • Create cache dir under only writable filesystem

  • Fix: Dataset infos() can be broken if a transform not redefining infos() is stacked on the top

  • Fix warnings in

  • Fix LabelMe data format

  • Prevent installing protobuf>=4

  • Fix UnionMerge

v1.3.2 (2023.06)#


  • Let CocoBase continue even if an InvalidAnnotationError is raised

Bug fixes#

  • Install dvc version to 2.x

  • Replace np.append() in Validator

v1.3.1 (2023.05)#

Bug fixes#

  • Fix Cityscapes format mis-detection problem

v1.3.0 (2023.05)#

New features#

  • Add CocoRoboflowImporter

  • Add SynthiaSfImporter and SynthiaAlImporter

  • Add intermediate skill document for filter

  • Add VocInstanceSegmentationImporter and VocInstanceSegmentationExporter

  • Add Segment Anything data format support

  • Add Correct transformation

  • Add ReindexAnnotations transform


  • Use autosummary for fully-automatic Python module docs generation

  • Enrich stack trace for better user experience when importing

  • Save and load hashkey for explorer

  • Add MOT and MOTS data format documents

  • Improve RemoveAnnotations to remove specific annotations with ids

  • Add Jupyter notebook example of noisy label detection for detection tasks

  • Add Juypter notebook examples for importing/exporting detection and segmentation data

Bug fixes#

  • Fix Mapillary Vistas data format

  • Fix bytes property returning None if function is given to data

  • Fix Synthia-Rand data format

  • Fix person_layout categories and action_classification attributes in imported Pascal-VOC dataset

  • Drop a malformed transform from StackedTransform automatically

  • Fix Cityscapes to drop ImgsFine directory

v1.2.1 (2023.05)#

Bug fixes#

  • Fix project level CVAT for images format import

  • Fix an info message when using the convert CLI command with no args.input_format

  • Fix media contents not returning bytes in arrow format

v1.2.0 (2023.04)#

New features#

  • Add Skill Up section to documentation

  • Add LossDynamicsAnalyzer for noisy label detection

  • Add Apache Arrow format support

  • Add sort transform


  • Add multiprocessing to DatumaroBinaryBase

  • Refactor merge code

  • Refactor download CLI commands

  • Refactor CLI commands w/ and w/o project

  • Refactor Media to be initialized from explicit sources

  • Refactor

  • Add tfds:uc_merced and tfds:eurosat download

  • Migrate documentation framework to Sphinx

  • Update merge tutorial for real life usecase

  • Abbreviate “detect-format” to “detect” for prettifying

Bug fixes#

  • Add UserWarning if an invalid media_type comes to image statistics computation

  • Fix negated is_encrypted

  • Save extra images of PointCloud when exporting to datumaro format

  • Fix log issue when importing celeba and align celeba dataset

v1.1.0 (2023.03)#

New features#

  • Add with_subset_dirs decorator (Add ImagenetWithSubsetDirsImporter)

  • Add CommonSemanticSegmentationWithSubsetDirsImporter

  • Add DatumaroBinary format

  • Add Searcher CLI documentation

  • Add version to dataset exported as datumaro format

  • Add Ava action data format support

  • Add Shift Analyzer (both covariate and label shifts)

  • Add YOLO Loose format

  • Add Ultralytics YOLO format


  • Refactor Datumaro format code and test code

Bug fixes#

  • Fix image filenames and anomaly mask appearance in MVTec exporter

  • Fix CIFAR10 and 100 detect function

  • Fix celeba and align_celeba detect function

  • Choose the top priority detect format for all directory depths

  • Fix MVTec format detect function

  • Fix wrong __len__() of Subset when the item is removed

  • Fix mask visualization bug

v1.0.0 (2023.02)#

New features#

  • Add Data Explorer

  • Add Ellipse annotation type

  • Add MVTec anomaly data support


  • Refactor existing tests

  • Raise ImportError on importing malformed COCO directory

  • Remove the duplicated and cyclical category context in documentation

Bug fixes#

  • Fix for importing CVAT image 1.1 data format exported to project level

  • Fix a problem on setting log-level via CLI

  • Fix code format with the latest black==23.1.0

  • Fix ‘Explain command cannot find the model’

  • Fix a problem found on model remove CLI command


About the release of the developed version can be read in the of the develop branch.