Supported Plugins#

List of plugins available through the CLI

transform module#

Applies a batch operation to a dataset and produces a new dataset.

Learn more about transform

To get help, run:

datum transform -h

To get help by class and modules, run:

  • Rename

    Renames items in the dataset

    datum transform -t rename -- -h
  • RemapLabels

    Changes labels in the dataset.

    datum transform -t remap_labels -- -h
  • ProjectLabels

    Changes the order of labels in the dataset from the existing to the desired one, removes unknown labels and adds new labels. Updates or removes the corresponding annotations.

    datum transform -t project_labels -- -h
  • ResizeTransform

    Resizes images and annotations in the dataset to the specified size.

    datum transform -t resize -- -h
  • RemoveItems

    Allows to remove specific dataset items from dataset by their ids.

    datum transform -t remove_items -- -h
  • RemoveAnnotations

    Allows to remove annotations on specific dataset items.

    datum transform -t remove_annotations -- -h
  • RemoveAttributes

    Allows to remove item and annotation attributes in a dataset.

    datum transform -t remove_attributes -- -h
  • NDR

    Removes near-duplicated images in subset. Remove duplicated images from a dataset.

    datum transform -t ndr -- -h
  • Splitter

    datum transform -t split -- -h
  • sampler package

    • RandomSampler

      Sampler that keeps no more than required number of items in the dataset.

      datum transform -t random_sampler -- -h
    • LabelRandomSampler

      Sampler that keeps at least the required number of annotations of each class in the dataset for each subset separately.

      datum transform -t label_random_sampler -- -h