Create project#

The command creates an empty project. A project is required for the most of Datumaro functionality.

By default, the project is created in the current directory. To specify another output directory, pass the -o/--output-dir parameter. If output already directory contains a Datumaro project, an error is raised, unless --overwrite is used.


datum project create [-h] [-o DST_DIR] [--overwrite]


  • -o, --output-dir (string) - Allows to specify an output directory. The current directory is used by default.

  • --overwrite - Allows to overwrite existing project files in the output directory. Any other files are not touched.

  • -h, --help - Print the help message and exit.


Example: create an empty project in the my_dataset directory

datum project create -o my_dataset/

Example: create a new empty project in the current directory, remove the existing one

datum project create
datum project create --overwrite