Level 2: Dataset download#

Datumaro provides a way to download public datasets using TensorFlow Datasets download API. Using this feature, you can download some datasets in the catalog.

Prepare installation#

To use Datumaro download feature, you should install Datumaro with [tf,tfds] extras:

pip install datumaro[tf,tfds]


You cannot use Datumaro download feature if you installed Datumaro with the default option, e.g., pip install datumaro. Please check it!

Which datasets are available?#

You can see the list of available DATASET_ID using the following command.

datum download describe [--report-format {text,json}] [--report-file REPORT_FILE]

How can we download datasets?#

You can actually download the dataset using the following command. You have to input -i DATASET_ID according to the id of dataset you want to download. Additionally, you can specify the output format (-f OUTPUT_FORMAT) and path (-o DST_DIR).

datum download get [-h] -i DATASET_ID [-f OUTPUT_FORMAT] [-o DST_DIR] [--overwrite] [-s SUBSET] ...


By default, download does not export the media files (e.g. images). We recommand you to run this command with --save-media option to export the media files as well, for example, datum download get -i tfds:mnist -- --save-media.

In the next level, we will look into how to import and export the dataset using Datumaro!