ExplorerLauncher([description, weights, ...])

class datumaro.plugins.explorer.ExplorerLauncher(description=None, weights=None, interpreter=None, model_dir=None, model_name=None, output_layers=None, device=None)[source]#

Bases: OpenvinoLauncher

infer_text(text: str, use_prompt: bool = True) HashKey[source]#
infer_item(item: DatasetItem) HashKey[source]#
launch(batch: Sequence[DatasetItem]) List[List[Annotation]][source]#

Launch to obtain the inference outputs of items.

  • inputs – batch of Datasetitems

  • stack – If true, launch inference for the stacked input for the batch-wise dimension Otherwise, launch inference for each input.


A list of annotation list. Each annotation list is mapped to the input DatasetItem. These annotation list are pseudo-labels obtained by the model inference.


Check the media type of dataset item.

If False, the item is excluded from the input batch.