How to use Datumaro#

Python Module Examples#

As a standalone tool or a Python module:

datum --help

python -m datumaro --help
python datumaro/ --help
python --help

As a Python library:

import datumaro as dm
dataset = dm.Dataset.import_from(path, format)

Command-line Examples#

Example: create a project, add dataset, modify, restore an old version

datum project create
datum project import <path/to/dataset> -f coco -n source1
datum project commit -m "Added a dataset"
datum transform -t shapes_to_boxes
datum filter -e '/item/annotation[label="cat" or label="dog"]' -m i+a
datum project commit -m "Transformed"
datum project checkout HEAD~1 -- source1 # restore a previous revision
datum project status # prints "modified source1"
datum project checkout source1 # restore the last revision
datum project export -f voc -- --save-media