How to control telemetry data collection#

The OpenVINO™ telemetry library is used to collect basic information about Datumaro usage.

A short description of the information collected:




Datumaro version

session start/end

Accessory event, there is no additional info here


Datumaro command result with arguments passed*


Stack trace in case of exception*

* All sensitive arguments, such as filesystem paths or names, are sanitized

To enable the collection of telemetry data, the ISIP consent file must exist and contain 1, otherwise telemetry will be disabled. The ISIP file can be created/modified by an OpenVINO installer or manually and used by other OpenVINO™ tools.

The location of the ISIP consent file depends on the OS:

  • Windows: %localappdata%\Intel Corporation\isip,

  • Linux: $HOME/intel/isip.