Visualizer(dataset[, ignored_types, ...])

Visualizer for Datumaro annotations

class datumaro.components.visualizer.Visualizer(dataset: IDataset, ignored_types: Iterable[AnnotationType] | None = None, figsize: Tuple[float, float] = (8, 6), color_cycles: List[str] | None = None, bbox_linewidth: float = 1.0, text_y_offset: float = 1.5, alpha: float = 1.0, show_plot_title: bool = True)[source]#

Bases: object

Visualizer for Datumaro annotations

  • dataset – Datumaro dataset to visualize its items.

  • ignored_types – Categories of labels. It is used to extract label name by label id.

  • figsize – Pyplot Figure instance used to draw annotation.

  • color_cycles – Color cycle corresponding to each label ID. If the length of the color cycle is less than the label ID, then the label ID exceeding the color cycle length is assgined by the following rule. color = color_cycles[label_id % len(color_cycles)]

  • bbox_linewidth – Line width for Bbox, Polygon and PolyLine annotation

  • text_y_offset – Offset of y axis for texts. The higher value puts the text in the upper place of the annotation.

  • alpha – Transparency value when drawing annotations. It should be in [0, 1]. If alpha=0, we do not draw any annotations.

  • show_plot_title – If True, show the plot title formatted as “ID: {item_id}, Subset: {subset}”. Otherwise, hide the plot title.

property draw_only_image#

If self.alpha = 0, we do not overdraw any annotation over the image.

get_random_items(n_samples: int) List[DatasetItem][source]#

Get random samples from the dataset

vis_gallery(ids: List[str], subsets: str | List[str], *, grid_size: Tuple[int | None, int | None] = (None, None))
vis_gallery(items: List[DatasetItem], *, grid_size: Tuple[int | None, int | None] = (None, None))

Visualize several DatasetItem as a gallery

vis_one_sample(item_id: str, subset: str, *, ann_id: int | None = None, ax: Axes | None = None) Figure[source]#
vis_one_sample(item: DatasetItem, *, ann_id: int | None = None, ax: Axes | None = None) Figure

Visualize one dataset item