Supported Data Formats#

Supported Annotation Types#

  • Labels

  • Bounding Boxes

  • Polygons

  • Polylines

  • (Segmentation) Masks

  • (Key-) Points

  • Captions

  • 3D cuboids

  • Super Resolution Annotation

  • Depth Annotation

  • Ellipses

  • Hash Keys

Datumaro does not separate datasets by tasks like classification, detection, segmentation, etc. Instead, datasets can have any annotations. When a dataset is exported in a specific format, only relevant annotations are exported.

Dataset Meta Info File#

It is possible to use classes that are not original to the format. To do this, use dataset_meta.json.

  "label_map": {"0": "background", "1": "car", "2": "person"},
  "segmentation_colors": [[0, 0, 0], [255, 0, 0], [0, 0, 255]],
  "background_label": "0"
  • label_map is a dictionary where the class ID is the key and the class name is the value.

  • segmentation_colors is a list of channel-wise values for each class. This is only necessary for the segmentation task.

  • background_label is a background label ID in the dataset.