Import and Export Public Semantic Segmentation Data#

Jupyter Notebook

In this notebook, we turn to import and export segmentation data through Datumaro.

Import Cityscapes data#

Cityscapes is one of the most popular benchmarking data in semantic segmentation tasks.

This provides both fine-grained and coarse ground truths of having pixel-wise classification, i.e., every pixel is annotated into a class between total 20 categories.

You can download this for free here!

from datumaro.components.environment import DEFAULT_ENVIRONMENT
from datumaro.components.dataset import Dataset

cityscapes_path = "cityscapes"

detected_formats = DEFAULT_ENVIRONMENT.detect_dataset(cityscapes_path)

cityscapes_dataset = Dataset.import_from(cityscapes_path, detected_formats[0])
        media_type=<class ''>
        test: # of items=1525, # of annotated items=1525, # of annotations=1525, annotation types=['mask']
        train: # of items=2975, # of annotated items=2975, # of annotations=37698, annotation types=['mask']
        val: # of items=500, # of annotated items=500, # of annotations=6506, annotation types=['mask']
        label: ['road', 'sidewalk', 'building', 'wall', 'fence', 'pole', 'trafficlight', 'trafficsign', 'vegetation', 'terrain', 'sky', 'person', 'rider', 'car', 'truck', 'bus', 'train', 'motorcycle', 'bicycle', 'background']
        mask: []

Import ADE20K data#

We now turn to import another public semantic segmentation data ADE20K.

This is also open to the public for free. Click here!

ade20k_path = "ADE20K_2021_17_01/images/ADE/"

detected_formats = DEFAULT_ENVIRONMENT.detect_dataset(ade20k_path)

ade20k_dataset = Dataset.import_from(ade20k_path, detected_formats[0])
        media_type=<class ''>
        training: # of items=25574, # of annotated items=25574, # of annotations=1576969, annotation types=['polygon', 'mask']
        validation: # of items=2000, # of annotated items=2000, # of annotations=175589, annotation types=['polygon', 'mask']
        label: ['wall', 'window', 'podium', 'altar', 'ceiling', 'vault', 'column', 'floor', 'bench', 'seats', 'capital', 'shaft', 'base', 'cross', 'staircase', 'railing', 'steps', 'pendant lamp', 'mezzanine', 'door', 'plant', 'candle', 'sculpture', 'pulpit', 'candelabra', 'aquarium', 'plants', 'person', 'head', 'eye', 'mouth', 'right arm', 'right hand', 'left arm', 'left hand', 'right leg', 'right foot', 'left leg', 'left foot', 'sign', 'hair', 'back', 'fence', 'fish', 'rocks', 'text', 'gate', 'people', 'columns', 'console', 'gaze', 'neck', 'shark', 'shoal', 'water', 'jellyfish', 'cabinet', 'table', 'keyboard', 'sky', 'building', 'backpack', 'paper', 'plant pot', 'jacket', 'sidewalk', 'street light', 'umbrella', 'penguin', 'algae', 'trees', 'car', 'tree', 'arcades', 'fluorescent tube', 'buildings', 'semi-flush mount light', 'van', 'trash can', 'road', 'bag', 'shop window', 'brand name', 'air conditioning', 'awning', 'ground', 'bulletin board', 'muntin', 'pane', 'handrail', 'chair', 'purse', 'cakes', 'scarf', 'bookcase', 'binders', 'box', 'shelves', 'book', 'file box', 'file boxes', 'index card', 'index cards', 'folder', 'books', 'filing cabinet', 'picture', 'light troffer', 'torso', 'shelf', 'top', 'side', 'front', 'binder', 'boxes', 'videos', 'hole puncher', 'papers', 'glasses case', 'glasses', 'notebook', 'clock', 'rail', 'stile', 'sash', 'casing interior', 'frame', 'face', 'hand', 'ladder', 'computer case', 'monitor', 'desk', 'screen', 'computer', 'drawer', 'handle', 'double door', 'wall spotlight', 'swivel chair', 'leg', 'armrest', 'seat', 'projection screen', 'showcase', 'floor lamp', 'paper rack', 'briefcase', 'door frame', 'fluorescent tubes', 'rifle', 'haversack', 'chest', 'bomb', 'machine gun', 'rifles', 'ceiling recessed light', 'air vent', 'ceiling spotlight', 'outlet', 'hinge', 'knob', 'lock', 'grille', 'board', 'drawing', 'light switch', 'step', 'sofa', 'painting', 'poster', 'armchair', 'arm', 'wheel', 'pedestal', 'pictures', 'counter', 'brochure', 'easel', 'ceiling fan', 'canopy', 'tube', 'motor', 'blade', 'television', 'stand', 'skylight', 'test', 'divider', 'wheelchair', 'sconce', 'bulb', 'fire extinguisher', 'pipe', 'ceiling spotlights', 'flowers', 'radiator', 'candle holder', 'stone', 'chandelier', 'carpet', 'beam', 'lower sash', 'upper sash', 'sprinkler', 'ottoman', 'stool', 'vase', 'ear', 'blind', 'microphone', 'pen', 'bottle', 'glass', 'bowl', 'card', 'names', 'sink', 'faucet', 'mirror', 'paper cups', 'paper cup', 'papr cup', 'pitcher', 'ballon', 'ballons', 'grass', 'curtain', 'side table', 'flowerpot', 'shell', 'canvas', 'basket', 'mug', 'brushes', 'brush', 'desk lamp', 'coffee cup', 'opening', 'stem', 'cap', 'paper towels', 'stretcher', 'paintbrush', 'jar', 'sketch', 'shirt', 'pot', 'calendar', 'palette', 'rule', 'goggles', 'label', 'toothpick', 'scissors', 'crafts', 'glue', 'gliue', 'plug', 'pliers', 'welder', 'flush mount light', 'diploma', 'basin', 'exhibitor', 'nose', 'drawing table', 'laptop', 'piston', 'paper rolls', 'roll', 'bucket', 'paint brushes', 'platform', 'scaffolding', 'tin', 'potters wheel', 'plate', 'cooker', 'chest of drawers', 'bass drum', 'lithograph', 'fluorescent', 'backplate', 'light source', 'highlight', 'wardrobe', 'can', 'pencils', 'white coat', 'paint box', 'canister', 'oil', 'spray', 'trestle', 'loft', 'hat', 'dog', 'jars', 'cds', 'speaker', 'music system', 'folding screen', 'apron', 'cup', 'cutter', 'cushion', 'wall spotlights', 'loom', 'textile loom', 'paintings', 'tray', 'arm support', 'rug', 'seat cushion', 'tins', 'plane', 'extractor hood', 'lid', 'shade', 'diffusor', 'dress', 'shoe', 'guitar', 'notice', 'aperture', 'scotch tape', 'paper roll', 'spoon', 'statue', 'trolley table', 'towel', 'cloth', 'dummy', 'spindle', 'blanket', 'dvd', 'fan', 'stall', 'rack', 'chinese lantern', 'trays', 'switch', 'photo machine', 'blackboard', 'notebooks', 'metal shutter', 'hose', 'stove', 'trestles', 'lectern', 'back pillow', 'inside arm', 'outside arm', 'console table', 'workbench', 'canvases', 'lathe', 'toy', 'planer', 'circular saw', 'projector', 'plank', 'shavings', 'cabinets', 'aerial', 'table lamp', 'bed', 'drill bits', 'diffuser', 'chain', 'file cabinet', 'magazines', 'post-it', 'chair desk', 'telephone', 'botijo', 'ceramics', 'figurine', 'thermostat', 'model', 'ribbon', 'ribbons', 'clay', 'bell', 'ice cream', 'plastic cup', 'heater', 'coffee table', 'bicycle', 'paint bucket', 'folders', 'hangers', 'dresser', 'refrigerator', 'frames', 'pillow', 'fireplace', 'seat base', 'mattress', 'h-stretcher', 'microwave', 'range', 'bar', 'tread', 'riser', 'panel', 'ice maker', 'button panel', 'dial', 'oven', 'stuffed animal head', 'metal piping', 'sliding door', 'curtain rod', 'carper', 'billiard table', 'table tenis', 'dartboard', 'ball', 'sideboard', 'puff', 'cat', 'flower', 'stage', 'flag', 'piano', 'mouse', 'camera', 'chairs', 'fax machine', 'box stands', 'pencil case', 'ceiling re', 'grand piano', 'pit', 'spotlight', 'baptismal font', 'baptistry', 'font', 'stone wall', 'symbol', 'balustrade', 'balcony', 'dome', 'gear', 'gas cylinder', 'berth', 'pyramid', 'tomb', 'niche', 'headstone', 'hut', 'stones', 'embankment', 'tapestry', 'ruins', 'dustpan', 'scraper', 'embrasure', 'benches', 'altarpiece', 'organ', 'rose window', 'catwalk', 'runway', 'floor spotlight', 'candles', 'doors', 'score', 'coat', 'banner', 'pack', 'cell phone', 'lighter', 'tissue pack', 'cup paper', 'tissue box', 'clothes', 'desks', 'closet', 'toys', 'display board', 'work coat', 'garland', 'file', 'globe', 'mobile', 'map', 'drawing tables', 'lockers', 'television stand', 'bidon', 'work surface', 'set office', 'printer', 'white board', 'school desk', 'sckool desk', 'scool desk', 'sscool desk', 'clothespin', 'rope', 'schoo desk', 'magazine', 'stuffed bird', 'trophy', 'desk organizer', 'compter', 'watermelon', 'mechanism', 'spotlights', 'arm panel', 'skirt', 'pillar', 'knife', 'fork', 'napkin', 'confessional booth', 'thermos', 'witness stand', 'seating', 'security camera', 'baby chair', 'number', 'cradle', 'coffin', 'torchiere lamp', 'earmuffs', 'planks', 'broom', 'cannon', 'pole', 'barrel', 'boat', 'cells', 'bars', 'units', 'cell door', 'plaque', 'grille door', 'door bars', 'cell', 'toilet', 'stick', 'box jury', 'house', 'fruit', 'folding door', 'rocking chair', 'rocker', 'teapot', 'rudder', 'anchor', 'heart', 'recorder', 'abacus', 'slide', 'mat', 'water can', 'casserole', 'mask', 'tap', 'dropper', 'centrifuge', 'teeth', 'sweater', 'flask', 'extractor fan', 'microscope', 'sash lock', 'wallet', 'panes', 'tile', 'id', 'ashtray', 'paprs', 'tables', 'first floor', 'name', 'notebokk', 'trolley', 'elevator', 'chess', 'brochures', 'christmas tree', 'puzzle', 'plant pots', 'autopsy table', 'cold storage', 'cold storage door', 'decorative glass', 'mosque', 'arch', 'railings', 'grandfather clock', 'entrance', 'stalls', 'shoes', 'airplane', 'machine', 'skeleton', 'colour board', 'shutter', 'tower', 'monitors', 'stairs', 'modern art', 'saxophone', 'music machine', 'music control table', 'music devices', 'compact discs', 'mousepad', 'cassettes', 'graphic equalizer', 'synthesizer', 'suitcase', 'guitar cover', 'tripod', 'drums', 'music stand', 'headphones', 'wire', 'cd stand', 'remote control', 'television camera', 'record player', 'keys', 'loudspeaker', 'power', 'equalizer', 'strip', 'clarinet', 'cumputer', 'keyboaard', 'mineral', 'bones', 'elephant', 'bird', 'animal', 'antlers', 'skull', 'bone', 'skulls', 'planetarium', 'cake', 'idol', 'pantheon', 'model dinosaur', 'file cabinets', 'shrine', 'fruits', 'trolley crane', 'light tower', 'violin', 'material', 'microph', 'ramp', 'lighting', 'amphitheater', 'throne', 'coat of arms', 'ticket booth', 'ticket window', 'mountain', 'shanties', 'shanty', 'pylon', 'path', 'ring binder', 'hanger', 'voting booth', 'ballots', 'voting instructions', 'judge table', 'secretary table', 'night table', 'manchette', 'headboard', 'sill', 'casing', 'receiver', 'bathtub', 'firewood', 'sheves', 'hot tub', 'tank', 'key', 'packet', 'gloves', 'brick', 'package', 'kettle', 'wood', 'clothes rack', 'footboard', 'moulding', 'side rail', 'sneaker', 'sneakers', 'boot', 'pulley', 'sugar bowl', 'radio', 'towels', 'iron', 'hair dryer', 'safes', 't-shirt', 'flip flop', 'spray bottle', 'plastic', 'cardboard', 'suit hanger', 'duvet', 'portable fridge', 'ceiling lamp', 'blankets', 'beds', 'toilet paper', 'sheet', 'boiler', 'washing machine', 'tumble dryer', 'shower stall', 'shower screen', 'table football', 'table tennis', 'magazine rack', 'corner pocket', 'folding chair', 'tele vision', 'dvd player', 'teddy', 'pipelines', 'piprlinrd', 'water vapor', 'countertop', 'watercraft', 'shower', 'cistern', 'toilet brush', 'towel rack', 'soap', 'tank lid', 'soap dispenser', 'dish', 'soaps', 'ceramic pot', 'sponge', 'pool', 'toothbrush', 'bathrobe', 'wall recessed light', 'slippers', 'flusher', 'leaves', 'soap dish', 'tissue', 'towel ring', 'rop', 'bidet', 'toilet paper holder', 'wall mount', 'rod', 'sockets', 'pots', 'bath sponge', 'towel dispenser', 'slipper', 'trunk', 'scales', 'sponges', 'soap bottle', 'vanity', 'figure', 'tap wrench', 'overflot plate', 'legs', 'drain', 'faucet drain lever', 'cream', 'bow', 'drain pipe', 'toothpaste', 'vent', 'hairbrush', 'razor', 'towel radiator', 'towel rail', 'tissue dispenser', 'bottles', 'sea star', 'toilet paper roll', 'shaving brush', 'shower curtain', 'coffee maker', 'rings', 'bouquet', 'drain plug', 'deodorant', 'window scarf', 'post', 'umbrella stand', 'buttons', 'slates', 'head rail', 'exercise machine', 'nail brush', 'shower door', 'foam', 'ironing board', 'toilet bag', 'toilet paper rolls', 'trap door', 'soap bar', 'newspaper', 'shampoo', 'molding', 'watering can', 'coaster', 'water valve', 'float', 'shower tray', 'shower faucet', 'sandal', 'saucepan', 'shower shelf', 'valve', 'powder', 'toilet kit', 'partition wall', 'comb', 'toilet set', 'shower head', 'bathroom tiles', 'floot', 'paper towels box', 'electric toothbrush', 'matchbox', 'widow', 'shower room', 'night light', 'clamp lamp', 'clamp', 'ceramic box', 'paper clip', 'trousers', 'flyscreen', 'cover curtain', 'teacup', 'cord', 'gutter', 'leaf', 'single hung', 'helmet', 'racket', 'sport bag', 'socket', 'sheets', 'decoder', 'slats', 'strawberries', 'rocking horse', 'sea water', 'sofa bed', 'binoculars', 'balls', 'blinds', 'coffee pot', 'doll', 'bed column', 'canlendar', 'flashlight', 'alarm clock', 'bedspread', 'threshold', 'support', 'stereo', 'necklace', 'earrings', 'bracelet', 'clothing', 'casket', 'side jamb', 'interior casing', 'throw', 'clock radio', 'oar', 'chimney', 'shovel', 'poker', 'fishing pole', 'cool box', 'eyeglasses', 'comforter', 'mirror support', 'cover', 'wireless', 'hook', 'fire', 'ice bucket', 'tallboy', 'closure', 'quilt', 'branch', 'deck chair', 'palm tree', 'orange', 'swimming pool', 'bedpost', 'pottery', 'branches', 'wicker basket', 'cane', 'dressing table', 'curtains', 'spread', 'welcome card', 'land', 'truckle bed', 'half moon', 'net', 'cow', 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'rolling pin', 'plaate', 'berbiqui', 'oytlet', 'winddow', 'cabomet', 'caabinet', 'worctop', 'cabubet', 'cceiling', 'plae', 'teacups', 'lemons', 'casse', 'bottlr', 'cheese dish', 'dog feeder', 'hotlp', 'doo', 'stoo', 'abinet', 'lettuce', 'paper r', 'chairs lift', 'air freshener', 'teacup set', 'water tank', 'cabine', 'mushroom', 'stools', 'marking pens', 'egg tray', 'copper vessel', 'iron po', 'buns', 'iron pot', 'scoop', 'scourer', 'water filter', 'screw', 'cigarette packet', 'stuffed head', 'special shape', 'grating', 'folding chairs', 'hourglass', 'tilt wand', 'palm trees', 'spiral staircase', 'back cushion', 'shells', 'stringer', 'packages', 'bookend', 'pediment', 'tea set', 'crock rack', 'wood figure', 'vcr', 'deer antler', 'zipper', 'silver bird statue', 'fish tank', 'cd box', 'tapes', 'cd', 'cart', 'piano pedals', 'woodcarving', 'instrument', 'decorations', 'metal decoration', 'coconuts', 'coconut', 'ceiling piece', 'pillows', 'seltzer bottle', 'silver canister', 'bull skull', 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display', 'sphere', 'fire bell', 'bycicle carriage', 'street grate', 'plant stand', 'storage box', 'post box', 'underground', 'work hut', 'bitch', 'newspaper stand', 'fire booth', 'postcard display', 'bicycle path', 'necktie', 'rescue float', 'printed matter', 'balcony covered', 'half globe', 'boat stop', 'smoke escape', 'troller bin', 'knives', 'street wires', 'ssign', 'tramway', 'buggy', 'japanese lantern', 'temple', 'mountain terraces', 'toll plaza', 'bell tower', 'laundry', 'ad', 'locomotive', 'underpass', 'trestle bridge', 'aviary', 'plant box', 'caterpillar', 'boat trolley', 'vine shoot', 'bunch grapes', 'water mill', 'blades', 'ziggurat', 'building ziggurat', 'work table', 'railway engine', 'piece', 'pieces', 'switch box', 'pillars', 'car wash', 'industrial robot', 'production line', 'multiple socket', 'spanner', 'chains', 'pig tail', 'dvd boxes', 'electrical device', 'deer head', 'deer skull', 'brewery', 'vintage bottle filler', 'microbrewery', 'hai', 'cloth material', 'test tubes', 'precision balance', 'coop', 'birds', 'laboratory equipment', 'safety suit', 'support beam', 'semi-flush mount lights', 'panelling', 'panels', 'place card', 'runner', 'sealing tape', 'mace', 'award', 'awards', 'projector rack', 'fluorescent bulb', 'vhsit', 'chairr', 'bottl', 'spoo', 'raidator', 'control cabinet', 'computer console', 'control table', 'instrument control', 'ventilation shaft', 'hanger hook', 'fire hose', 'shoji screen', 'message board', 'exit sign', 'light sosurce', 'boaard', 'office partition', 'hay', 'trophies', 'developing machine', 'set of instruments', 'reclining chair', 'dental chair', 'articulated lamp', 'cd player', 'tooth cleaner', 'dental sink', 'dental swivel chair', 'professional degree', 'alembic', 'powder compact', 'makeup', 'toilete kit', 'call buttons', 'name plate', 'counterweight', 'furnace room', 'pressure gauge', 'forge', 'mold', 'anvil', 'iron bar', 'furnace', 'steel chair', 'manometer', 'hosepipe', 'netting', 'plastic sheet', 'hatchery', 'straw bales', 'hearth', 'x-rays', 'x-rays bed', 'medical machine', 'cages', 'washing machines', 'tumble dryers', 'clothesline', 'paper dispenser', 'clock face', 'moon dial', 'clocks', 'measurer', 'mail boxes', 'ceiling rec', 'fireplaace', 'division', 'newspaper rack', 'directory', 'plam tree', 'steel industry', 'ceukubg', 'sisde table', 'metal profiles', 'incubator', 'offices', 'iv bag', 'mine', 'torch', 'pen holder', 'mixing board', 'in box', 'video-tape', 'box-file', 'paperpile', 'spectacle-case', 'pencil sharpener', 'postal card', 'disk spindle', 'sticky tape dispenser', 'note', 'desk mat', 'screen stand', 'garment bag', 'mouse stand', 'comic strip', 'paper file', 'workstation', 'certificate', 'disks', 'file organizer', 'self', 'pingeonhole', 'electronic devise', 'separator', 'operation table', 'tensiometer', 'phonends', 'cyclotron', 'pigsty', 'feeding trough', 'degree certificate', 'keyboards', 'recycling materials', 'rolling mill', 'gear wheel', 'server', 'servers', 'sewing box', 'threads', 'stables', 'bolt', 'yoke', 'stable', 'handrair', 'fernce', 'compueter', 'ventilator shaft', 'radiography', 'stethoscope', 'syringe', 'cotton', 'office window', 'cream tube', 'visit cards', 'screws box', 'material rolls', 'cut table', 'wrenches', 'spanners', 'gauge', 'press', 'screwdrivers', 'trolley basket', 'trolley drawers', 'weapons', 'weapon', 'paint brush', 'oil tube', 'art mannequin', 'segment', 'chairs desk', 'musicians place', 'rose', 'window latch', 'doble door', 'tuner', 'lamp cord', 'clothes stand', 'telephone directories', 'tennis racket', 'place mats', 'sealing roll', 'multiple plug', 'boomerang', 'bonnet', 'id card', 'rubber glove', 'fire blanket', 'andirons', 'crane scrapping', 'recycling plant', 'suspenders', 'wind turbines', 'wind turbine', 'marsh water', 'beer pump', 'minced meat', 'meat bag', 'meat bags', 'label tag', 'slicer', 'backdrops', 'inflatable train', 'balls rack', 'solt machine', 'step machine', 'pectoral machine', 'lance', 'nunchaku', 'caravans', 'compartment', 'laminating machine', 'linens', 'clothes horse', 'recycling trash', 'textile mill', 'ears', 'autoclave', 'slat', 'street name', 'ride tiles', 'pick', 'revolving doors', 'crosses', 'outboard motor', 'walkie talkie', 'pigeon', 'stained-glass window', 'gap', 'oriental lantern', 'storm grate', 'verandah', 'shape', 'utility cover', 'utility covers', 'bridges', 'trolley tools', 'slice', 'storage rack', 'string', 'hanging instrument', 'dental instruments', 'system', 'chute', 'saline solution', 'mountain salt', 'massage table', 'drawing board', 'portfolio', 'industrial machine', 'hand dryer', 'reels', 'iron tubes']

Export ADE20K data into Cityscapes data format#

We now export the imported ADE20K dataset into Cityscapes format as we showed for in the previous notebook example.

Because of the large size of entire ADE20K dataset, we are going to export only the validation set into Cityscapes data format below.

ade20k_val_dataset = ade20k_dataset.get_subset("validation").as_dataset()
print("Original Cityscapes data format")
!tree -L 2 ./ADE20K_2021_17_01/images/ADE

save_path = "ade20k_with_cityscapes_format"
ade20k_val_dataset.export(save_path, "cityscapes", save_media=True)

print("Reformulated ADE20K data with Cityscapes format")
!tree -L 2 ./ade20k_with_cityscapes_format
Original Cityscapes data format
├── training
│   ├── cultural
│   ├── home_or_hotel
│   ├── industrial
│   ├── nature_landscape
│   ├── shopping_and_dining
│   ├── sports_and_leisure
│   ├── transportation
│   ├── unclassified
│   ├── urban
│   └── work_place
└── validation
    ├── cultural
    ├── home_or_hotel
    ├── industrial
    ├── nature_landscape
    ├── shopping_and_dining
    ├── sports_and_leisure
    ├── transportation
    ├── unclassified
    ├── urban
    └── work_place

22 directories, 0 files
Reformulated ADE20K data with Cityscapes format
├── gtFine
│   └── validation
├── leftImg8bit
│   └── validation
└── meta.json

4 directories, 1 file