check_identicalness(seq[, raise_error_on_empty])



A simple class to merge single-subset extractors.

datumaro.components.merge.extractor_merger.check_identicalness(seq: Sequence[T], raise_error_on_empty: bool = True) T | None[source]#
class datumaro.components.merge.extractor_merger.ExtractorMerger(sources: Sequence[SubsetBase])[source]#

Bases: DatasetBase

A simple class to merge single-subset extractors.

infos() Dict[str, Any][source]#

Returns meta-info of dataset.

categories() Dict[AnnotationType, Categories][source]#

Returns metainfo about dataset labels.

get(id: str, subset: str | None = None) DatasetItem | None[source]#

Provides random access to dataset items.

property is_stream: bool#

Boolean indicating whether the dataset is a stream

If the dataset is a stream, the dataset item is generated on demand from its iterator.