DatumaroBinaryBase(path, *[, ...])

param path:

Directory path to import DatumaroBinary format dataset

class datumaro.plugins.data_formats.datumaro_binary.base.DatumaroBinaryBase(path: str, *, encryption_key: bytes | None = None, num_workers: int = 0, subset: str | None = None, ctx: ImportContext | None = None)[source]#

Bases: DatumaroBase

  • path – Directory path to import DatumaroBinary format dataset

  • encryption_key – If the dataset is encrypted, it (secret key) is needed to import the dataset.

  • num_workers – The number of multi-processing workers for import. If num_workers = 0, do not use multiprocessing.

property is_stream: bool#

Boolean indicating whether the dataset is a stream

If the dataset is a stream, the dataset item is generated on demand from its iterator.


Returns meta-info of dataset.


Returns metainfo about dataset labels.


Returns media type of the dataset items.

All the items are supposed to have the same media type. Supposed to be constant and known immediately after the object construction (i.e. doesn’t require dataset iteration).