DatumaroBinaryExporter(extractor, save_dir, *)

param encryption_key:

If provided, the dataset is encrypted with this key for export.

EncryptionAction(option_strings, dest, **kwargs)

class datumaro.plugins.data_formats.datumaro_binary.exporter.EncryptionAction(option_strings, dest, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: Action

class datumaro.plugins.data_formats.datumaro_binary.exporter.DatumaroBinaryExporter(extractor: IDataset, save_dir: str, *, save_media: bool | None = None, image_ext: str | None = None, default_image_ext: str | None = None, save_dataset_meta: bool = False, ctx: ExportContext | None = None, encryption_key: bytes | None = None, no_media_encryption: bool = False, encryption: bool = False, num_workers: int = 0, max_blob_size: int = 1048576, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: DatumaroExporter

  • encryption_key – If provided, the dataset is encrypted with this key for export.

  • no_media_encryption – If true and encryption is enabled, do not encrypt media files and only encrypt annotation files.

  • encryption – If true and encryption_key is None, generate a random secret key.

  • num_workers – The number of multi-processing workers for export. If num_workers = 0, do not use multiprocessing.

  • max_blob_size – The maximum size of DatasetItem serialization blob. Changing from the default is not recommended.


alias of DatumaroBinaryPath

classmethod build_cmdline_parser(**kwargs)[source]#
create_writer(subset: str, images_dir: str, pcd_dir: str, video_dir: str) _SubsetWriter[source]#